1.      PRIVACY - does not sell customer information to other parties. We also do not keep credit card information attached to accounts for your protection.

2.      MINIMUM ORDERS - We do not have a minimum order other than quantities per item shown on the web site. Many items are sold individually, while others are in groups of ten or only by the case as shown.

3.      FREIGHT - The charges shown on your order are based on how we expect to pack the items.  On occasion, we are able to pack them differently and lower the freight charge.  If that is the case you may see a lower charge but the freight charge will never be higher than what is shown for the service level you have requested.
    We use UPS ground for all shipments and also have the option of comparing USPS for domestic and international orders.  We will use the most economical method if the service times are similar.  We do not use FedEx and can not ship to APO/FPO addresses for that reason.
    If you supply us with an incorrect address that causes the carrier to make a correction, those charges are passed back to us.  In this event, we will charge the correction fee to you for the fee charged to us and $25.00.  For example, if you are shipping to a 40 story building that houses 85 companies, be sure to show the recipient name and company, not just the recipient and street address.  Otherwise, how would FedEX know what company to deliver to in that building.

4.      ORDERING - Low prices are based on efficiency. We ask you to use our secured order form for all orders. If you must phone your order in, we have a $2.00 surcharge to take the order and credit card information over the phone. It is for your safety and protection to use the encrypted secured system.  Using the shopping cart to submit your order automatically generates a confirmation of your order that will be sent to the email address you enter on the order form.

5.      PROCESSING - Wholly owned subsidiary of Savings Inc. Charges made to your credit card will show as "Savings Inc. 800-725-7648". If you have a question, call us at that number and we will be happy to tell you what we charged to your card.
  NSF checks will incur a $25 fee. Failure to provide us good funds (including fees) immediately upon notification will result in civil and criminal actions. Credit Card chargebacks initiated or authorized by you will incur a $35 fee. If you sign a statement that you're credit card was used fraudulently because you didn't recognize the purchase, this constitutes a criminal offense. We will prosecute unless you provide good funds (including fees) immediately upon notification.

5.      DISAGREEMENTS -Both parties agree to work in good faith to seek a fair settlement. If this is not possible, the laws and courts of the City of Tulsa, County of Tulsa, and State of Oklahoma will take precedent. Both parties agree to file and settle any suits in those jurisdictions. In no event shall damages claimed by buyer exceed the cost of the material and associated freight charges of the original shipment.

Placing an order with us acknowledges your agreement to the policies stated above.